Due to the uncertain times we live in, crimes as burglary and kidnapping are big issues. Topsec therefore pays special attention to residential security and all security measures linked. Employment of modern technology up to 24-hour-observation guarantees highest possible safety standards.

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Property Security is a special service offered by Topsec, which carries out all residential observation and security at home and abroad. Topsec takes over and secures the property around the clock, when our clients leave home, short- or long-term. Due to personal service and support as well as permanent presence of our staff, we can take tactical advantage by forechecking any criminal preparations, so that potential aggressors refrain from any further action. (Spy out, burglary, damage of property, vandalism and so on)

Our ultimate ambition is to provide highest possible security for property, in case of irregularities we will initiate subsequent action to assure safety and to avert any damage.


Our services

  • Our service in any case starts with a round table, where we together with our clients find out the decisive parameters of the mandate with the help of a threat and risk analysis.
  • We orient our job toward your individual needs and integrate those needs into our protection mandate.
  • The tactical approach is dependent on the contract volume and for your eyes only.
  • For the entire time of your absence we implement a constant team of specialists of known identity.
  • Every single protection mandate is classified sensitive and maintains confidentiality in a closed circle of persons only known by you.
  • Employment of modern technology in the fields of video-monitoring and communication for your safety.
  • Permanent accessibility of our staff.
  • On demand we offer special services like secretarial duties and others to meet your needs.
  • After completion of the operation we hand out to you all written records and reports.
  • Reliability, allegiance and discipline are mandatory in any case.
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Property Security has been very successful in the past, developing out of synergies of previous personal security mandates at home and abroad. Today we have customers around the world we serve on a regular base.